2014-15 Multi-Disciplinary Curriculum


Note: There is always the possibility that courses listed in the Program of Studies may not run due to low enrollment or budget constraints.



Grade 9

Research & Technology

Grade 10

Career Exploration Seminar

Grade 11

Guidance Seminar 11

Grade 12

Guidance Seminar 12
Senior Internship

Grades 9-12

Work Experience (Grades 11 or 12)
Independent Study
College Course
Community Service


Grades 10-12



Course 850     WORK EXPERIENCE     Semester/Full Year     2.5/5 Credits

This program is designed for juniors or seniors who wish to pursue work exploration as part of their school experience. Employment in an approved job for at least 15 hours per week is required for each semester in which credit is to be earned. Students will meet with the Career Specialist on a regular basis throughout the semester. Each student’s supervisor will evaluate him or her using the Worked-Based Learning Plan, an evaluation and goal-setting tool developed by the Department of Education for students in work experience. The goal of this evaluation is to further develop each student’s work-based skills. The Career Specialist will review the evaluation with the supervisor and student.


Course 851     INDEPENDENT STUDY     Semester/Full Year     .5 to 2 Credits

Non-departmental credit is awarded for independent studies completed under the supervision of a member of the faculty or other qualified advisor. The purpose of these studies is to allow students to engage in work outside of the standard curriculum in an area of special interest. With approval of a guidance counselor, students must first submit a written application for this work to a committee of teachers and guidance counselors within the first two weeks of the target semester. Independent studies may include course work at an accredited high school or college, work experience, creative academic projects, working as a teaching assistant or academic research. The committee will review applications and approve, deny, or suggest modifications based on the educational merit of the proposal. Independent studies may be a year or semester long in duration. For successful completion of this work, students must arrange a presentation to the committee at the end of the final semester of their program. The committee may deny credit for work that does not fulfill the requirements as outlined in the proposal. Independent studies are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Students who wish to take a course not offered at WHS may propose to take that course on-line. Students are required to provide a detailed proposal of the courses they wish to take, including an official course description, and a rationale for taking the course. This document will be submitted to the appropriate WHS Department Head or Director. If approved, the proposal will be forwarded to Curriculum Cabinet for approval or denial.
The timeframe for completion (generally no longer than a semester) and the number of credits to be allotted on successful completion will be determined by Curriculum Cabinet. For all approved courses, the student will be required to provide official proof of successful completion of the course to his/her guidance counselor who will then assign transfer credit to the student’s transcript. Students will be allowed to take up to three on-line courses over four years of study at WHS, prorated for transfer students relevant to their time at WHS. On-line courses do not take the place of required WHS courses, but may be counted toward total credit requirement.
Course 858 TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION SUPPORT LEVEL I   First Semester    2 Credits
Course 859 WESTON TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT TEAM LEVEL II    Second Semester    2 Credits
Prerequisites: (This is not a programming course.)
Students should have a working knowledge of Windows and Mac OS, and mobile device OS as well as confidence in problem solving personal technology needs. Must have interest in learning a wide range of technology skills and tools at a deeper level. Open to students in grades 10-12.
This course is designed for students with demonstrated technology strengths who want to further develop their skills to provide a ?Weston Technology Support Team? to be available to coach and support students and faculty on a wide range of technology needs. The course will cover software resources, online resources, application and presentation software, as well as diagnostic skills for hardware and network troubleshooting. Students will have both course based projects and tests as well as in-the-field support for students and faculty. Students wanting to take this course have a preliminary interview with the Technology Integration Specialist and approval to sign-up.

Course 809     CAREER EXPLORATION SEMINAR     Semester     .5 Credit

This course offers sophomores the opportunity to explore their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and interests in relation to possible career and college choices. Exploration will include interest inventories, self-exploration assignments, occupational research, exploration of labor market trends, speakers, and job shadowing opportunities.


Course 811     SENIOR INTERNSHIP     Semester     1 Credit

The Senior Internship Program  provides closure to the students’ academic experience at Weston High School. Students begin this career exploration and planning course in January. This course which meets two blocks per cycle culminates with a full time three-week internship, which begins four weeks before graduation. The course curriculum challenges students to explore their personal skills and career interests. Assignments will also address resume writing, interviewing skills, ethics, and workplace behavior. Students will be exposed to a variety of careers through guest speakers and personal research as they prepare for the internship in a career of their choice. The internship gives students the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge about a specific occupation and will assist them when making decisions about college majors and career plans.


Course 821     GUIDANCE SEMINAR 11     Second Semester     .5 Credits

This course is aimed at helping students achieve their post-high school goals. This pass/fail course is designed to assist all juniors with their planning for college and other opportunities. The course meets once per rotation. Students will break down all aspects of the post-graduate planning process into more manageable steps. Students will develop an activity list, practice interviewing, research colleges, continue to explore possible career interests, and develop a timeline to manage all the testing and application deadlines. There is time built in for individual meetings with student’s guidance counselor.


Course 820     GUIDANCE SEMINAR 12     First Semester     .5 Credits

Utilizing new information students gained over the summer, this course will provide students with direction and assistance in the actual submission of post-secondary applications, reminders of deadlines, and be a continual mode of communication by which counselors can convey necessary and important information to students. Graded pass/fail, this course meets once every rotation and ends after first quarter. There is time built in for individual meetings with the student’s guidance counselor.



Course 857     RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY     First Semester     .5 Credits

9th grade students in this course will learn advanced techniques of high school research beyond the ?Google? search. Research includes finding appropriate books, e-books, journal articles and newspaper articles about a chosen topic. Students will also learn to assemble a 5 slide PowerPoint presentation including an extensive annotated bibliography, and a GoogleDocs Timeline.


Course 930     College Course                 Semester                 5 Credits    

Non-departmental credit is awarded for college course/s completed with the approval of a member of the Guidance Department. Credit is granted upon receipt of an official transcript from the approved institution.


Course 931     Community Service     .5 to 1 Credit  

Community service is not required for graduation. Occasionally students who fall up to 1 credit short of yearly requirements may elect to do 15-30 hours of Community Service during the school year in order to receive necessary credit.



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