Weston Public Schools Performance Reports

The Weston Public Schools is continuously assessing its performance and striving to improve operations as well as our core mission of educating students.  We welcome the public's interest in our performance and hope that the following documents will provide insight into how efficiently and effectively we achieve our mission.


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Operations Assessments
Annual Report This annual report of the School Committee is incorporated into the Annual Town Report, which is distributed to the public each March.  It provides a summary of the district's performance for the prior year.
School Budget The School Budget is published each March in anticipation of the May Town Meeting where taxpayers vote to approve or reject the proposed funding for the following year.
Long Range Plan This is the long range vision for the district.  It is reviewed and updated annually and provides the framework for creating the School Budget.
Superintendent Goals This is the Superintendent's plan for the upcoming school year.  It is the short term action plan for the achievement of the district's Long Range Plan.

Superintendent Goals-

Final Report 2015-2016

This report is prepared by the Superintendent and presented to the School Committee each June to provide an update on the district's achievements against the Long Range Plan.
Student Assessments
Weston Youth Health Assessment Every three years the district conducts a health assessment of its middle and high school students to understand issues regarding substance abuse, violence, safety and mental health.
HS Student Participation and Performance Report This report is presented by the High School Principal to the School Committee each Fall.  It summarizes the prior year's academic and extra-curricular performance of high school students, including college testing and admissions statistics for the most recent graduating class.
MCAS, PARCC  and ERB Report This student performance report is issued each Fall by the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.  It details the results of testing conducted the prior Spring for Grades 3-10.
SAT scores by Massachusetts towns The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education  has comparisons by town of SAT scores.  Clicking on the link will redirect you to the MDOE website.
MCAS scores by Massachusetts towns  The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has comparisons by town of MCAS scores. Clicking on the link will redirect you to the MDOE website.
Program Assessments
Special Education Program Report Annual Report presented by Director of Student Services. Topics of interest include Weston Special Education demographics, student placement, external audits, program updates, student performance, and legislative updates.
METCO Annual Report Annual Report presented by Director of Weston METCO.
Curriculum Update Annual Report presented by Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction



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