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WHS Bulletin Board The Bulletin Board is updated throughout the day, every day, to keep visitors abreast of the latest happenings and information at Weston High School.  Parents, students, teachers and visitors alike will find this a convenient starting point for all their information needs.
Anonymous Concerns Report

As a part of the district's implementation of the “Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan” an online ‘Anonymous Concerns Report’ enables the reporting of concerns.  Each report will be investigated by school administration within two school days. While a finding of bullying cannot be based solely on an anonymous report, every concern will be investigated appropriately. 

Bus Concern Form

The Weston Public Schools provides a comprehensive student transportation program with a long track record of safe, efficient travel between home and schools; schools and field-trip sites; and schools and athletic contest sites.  Buses are an extension of the school environmental and all drivers and passengers are expected to maintain the same high standards of behavior that are required in the classroom.  Reports submitted with the Bus Concern Form will be forwarded electronically to a predetermined list of school officials and, if serious matters of safety are involved, to local enforcement agencies.  All concerns will be investigated within two school days, after which you will be notified of the status of the response.  If a concern leads to disciplinary measures against a student or staff person, please be aware that this information may be confidential and you will be notified only that the matter has been resolved.

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This is the summary listing of all the news and announcements at Weston High School.  The seven most recent news items from the district and the high school are posted on the home page.

Meetings & Events

This is the summary listing of all the meetings and events at Weston High School.  The seven upcoming meetings and events for the district and the high school are posted on the home page.
Publications This is the comprehensive publications listing for Weston High School.  You can sort by posting date, description, department and type of document.
Forms This is the comprehensive forms listing for Weston High School.  You can sort by posting date, description, department and type of document.
Photo Gallery This is the comprehensive listing of photographs arranged by galleries of events.  Sort by date, description, and type of event.
Dealing with Bullying WHS is committed to preventing bullying and other aggressive behaviors in our school.  At the same time, systems and processes are in place to deal with bullying when it does occur.  This link will outline how WHS deals with bullying.
FAQs This menu button redirects you to the Frequently Asked Questions page under Contact Us.  We hope that this will address most of your questions and save you time.  If your question is not answered here, you may search the website using a keyword in the SEARCH box just above Quick Links.  We also welcome a call to the Main Office where someone can help you find your answer.
Alumni Alumni of WHS are encouraged to keep in touch.  This is the central communications site for recent and long time graduates of Weston High School as well as former students of the district.
Lunch Menu This menu button redirects you to the District's Food Services department's menu listings.  You will also be able to access mySchoolBucks and other important food services forms and information.
Online Payment Center The Weston Public Schools are pleased to offer online payments.
Weston PTO
Weston PTO is a  900-member association in Weston, Massachusetts that works to promote educational excellence and opportunities for children and encourage a strong community of students, parents, and faculty members from all Weston schools.
westonGrapevine This menu button redirects visitors to an explanation of our communications platform, myGrapevine.  Subscribers receive messages about topics of interest to them with a choice of media and message frequency
WestonMETCO Since 1967, Weston has participated in METCO, (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity), a voluntary, desegregation, program which brings approximately 167 students, grades K-12, from Boston to Weston’s schools.  Click on the link at the left to visit WestonMETCO's home page.
WPS Portal This password protected portal allows parents, teachers and students access to student records via Infinite Campus.



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