Fort Portal, Uganda



World Challenge expedition to Uganda in 2012


World Challenge organizes life-changing expeditions around the world for young people. World Challenge expeditions are different from other school trips because students take on the responsibility of planning and managing their own 3 Week Adventure.  From designing their own itinerary to making team decisions - the students will run the show (with ample support and supervision from their teachers and World Challenge Expedition Leader).  



As a school we are very excited about the opportunity this will give students to do something really unique that will make them stand out from the crowd. The expedition experience will provide them with a wealth of new skills which they will find invaluable in their education, and eventually, their career.


The students will fundraise (both as a group and as individuals) to earn their spot on the team (on average, students raised 60% of their expedition fee last year).  Learn more at



In July 2009, a group of 15 Weston teachers, administrators and students traveled to Western Uganda for a global exchange.  The participants volunteered in five primary schools and two secondary schools.  Gifts were brought over for each student.  These included pencils, reading dolls, English/Rutooro coloring books, soccer balls and solar calculators.  Continuing the focus on literacy, school-based gifts included culturally appropriate reading materials and necessary school supplies.  Literacy based lessons were taught in all primary classrooms.  Read about their experiences on their blog

The four students traveling with the group focused on cultural exchange.  This included visits to primary and secondary schools, conservation classes, and tourist activities.  For most activities, students were joined by Ugandan students.  Some trip highlights included building a fuel efficient stove and cassava mache chimpanzee masks.  Upon return, students completed projects to share their experiences with the Weston Community.  Click here to view one of the projects.

Weston students on the Equator in Uganda

In June 2008, a group of eleven Weston teachers and administrators embarked on a global exchange at schools surrounding the Kibale National Park in Western Uganda. WEEFC funded the travel costs of this exchange.  Participants volunteered in five primary schools (Kasiisi, Kiko, Kanyawara, Kigarama and Rweteera) and two secondary schools (Fort Portal Secondary School and St. Maria Goretti Secondary School). Literacy, mathematic and social studies lessons were prepared and taught to all primary 1-7 classes. Twenty-five Ugandan teachers attended English as a Second Language (ESL) workshops taught by Debbie Wheelwright. In addition, participants interacted with the Kabarole District personnel (educational and governmental), parents, scholars, students, faculty, staff, wildlife officials, and community leaders. As ambassadors of the Weston students, staff and community members, the group embarked on this extraordinary exchange to learn more about Uganda and infuse the Weston curriculum with our experiences and the collective knowledge gained.

To learn more about the 2008 exchange, please read the article: Uganda 2008 Exchange or view the movie: Uganda 2008.  If you are interested in learning more about this exchange, please contact Cynthia D. Mahr at 781-529-8082 or through e-mail at


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