Social Norms



At Weston High School, most students are making pretty healthy decisions most of the time.




Who Do

You Want to Be?





 Is Everybody Really Doing It?

The Real Story...
...according to Weston High School students


Last year, Weston High School students participated in the annual Weston Youth Health Assessment.  This survey asked students questions about their health—including what they think and do about alcohol and other drug use.  And despite the recent tragic news stories about youth in our region being engaged in lots of unhealthy behavior, the results in Weston tell a different story—


Most of the time… 

...most Weston youth

…are making very healthy choices.



So why does it seem that the “party” scene is such a big part of teen life?

The answer may be in a concept called “Social Norms.”

Who is really making the decisions?


The Power of Social Norms

Social Norms are people’s beliefs about the attitudes and behaviors that are normal, acceptable, or even expected in a particular social setting.  In other words, what we think other people are doing.  Often, people’s perceptions of these norms greatly influence their behavior.

 It’s all about closing the Gap...
Usually, there’s a gap between what we think everyone one else is doing (the perceived norm) and what everyone else really is doing (the actual norm).


And, strange as it seems, we’re usually slightly off in ways that may encourage us towards unhealthy behavior....

• We tend to OVERESTIMATE the unhealthy behavior and attitudes
• We tend to UNDERESTIMATE the healthy behaviors and attitudes


But, when we help people narrow the gap between perception and reality, we generally find that healthy decision-making improves.


This year, the focus is on
how healthy you really are!
We train hard. We don't stop working. 2 out of 3 of us don't drink. Who do you want to be?

Using the Truth to help you stay healthy...

This year, we’ll be using the information you told us in the health survey to help us all understand what’s really going on in Weston. And to remind us how often Weston youth are making very healthy decisions!


Who Do You Want to Be?

Winning takes courage. Courage takes a clear mind. 2 out of 3 of us don't drink.  Who do you want to be?
You’ll be seeing these messages on posters throughout the school.  All of the information on these posters is based on data that you’ve told us through the health survey or other “intercept” surveys we’ve conducted throughout the year.  WHS students helped develop and refine the posters and messages, and even developed the theme for the year…

… Who Do You Want to Be?



This effort is a component of the
Weston Health & Wellness Project,
a program of the Weston Public Schools-
Department of Wellness Education.

This material was adapted from a brochure developed under a Congressionally-directed grant from the U.S. Department of Education.  However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.




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