Conflict Resolution

Athletic involvement can be highly emotional and issues about playing time, team selection, honors and awards can arise. It is very important that these issues be addressed as soon as possible, and as directly as possible, so that they can be resolved promptly. The following model will be used when a problem arises. 
STEP ONE: Personal Contact between Student-Athlete and Coach
As a general rule, the issue should be presented as soon as possible to the coach by the individual student-athlete. If personal contact is not practical, a student-athlete may ask his/her team captain to talk with the coach. If these recommended routes are not successful, the coach should be contacted by the student-athlete’s parent(s) at an appropriate time. Times to be avoided are:
Either prior to or immediately after a competition
During a practice session
During a time when other students maybe present or when it may be readily apparent to others that a discussion is taking place
At a time when it is apparent that there would not be sufficient time to provide for a complete discussion
Usually the best solution is to ask the coach either over the phone, via email or in person if an appointment could be made to discuss the issue. A parent or student-athlete could also contact the coach via the Athletic Office. It is strongly recommended that the student-athlete join their parent(s) at this meeting to ensure that all sides of the issue can be thoroughly discussed. 
STEP TWO: Personal Contact Between Coach, Student-Athlete and Athletic Director 
If a satisfactory resolution is not reached through direct contact with the coach, the student-athlete and/or parent(s) should contact the Athletic Director. As a courtesy, the coach should be informed that this contact is being made. If this discussion does not result in a satisfactory conclusion, then a meeting will be scheduled involving all concerning parties in an attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution. It is very important for all student-athletes and their parent(s) to know that any comments, concerns, or issues raised to the athletic director will be addressed with the coach. Issues concerning coaching personnel may or may not be communicated to others. 
STEP THREE: Student-Athlete – Administration Contact
If there is not a satisfactory resolution, the student-athlete and/or parent(s) should contact the High School Principal. As a courtesy, the Athletic Director should be informed that this contact is being made. While there is no guarantee, that all parties will agree with all resolutions or findings, a thorough, respectful airing, or different perceptions and experiences can lead to more productive relationships and clearer understandings in the future. 
Updated September17, 2014

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