Sportsmanship Policy:


WHS expects all parties present at a contest to display the highest possible level of sportsmanship.  Players, coaches, and spectators should treat opponents, game officials and visiting spectators with respect at all times.  WHS reserves the right to warn, censure, place on probation or suspend (for up to one calendar year) any player, team, coach, or school official determined to be acting in a manner contrary to the standards of good sportsmanship. Spectators who do not adhere to standards of good sportsmanship may be asked to leave the contest and/or be prohibited from future contests. If you are not sure what details good sportsmanship, please follow this simple rule: Cheer for your own team, but do not belittle opposing teams and officials. 
Three important MIAA Rules pertaining to student-athletes should be noted: 
1. A player “thrown out” of a game shall, at a minimum, miss the next game.
2. A player ‘thrown out” of two games during the same season is disqualified for one full calendar yr. 
3. Striking or assaulting an official result in disqualification for one full year.


Updated September 17, 2014

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