Transportation Policy:

When WHS provides transportation to and from athletic events, student-athletes are required to ride that transportation. The members of the athletic staff feel it is in the best interest of team unity that everyone travel together and share the game experience. As the “guardian” during these trips, the athletic staff must be able to account for the whereabouts of all student-athletes and insure their safety. It is expected that our student-athletes will conduct themselves appropriately while on bus transportation. Any misconduct will result in a penalty including and up to dismissal if warranted. Student-athletes will be responsible for any damages to bus property and subsequent costs to repair or replace.
In the event that there are extenuating personal circumstances or JV/Varsity games are scheduled back to back and a parent wishes to take responsibility for the transportation of his/her son or daughter, it is required, barring unforeseen circumstances, that the parent/guardian provide  written notice to the coach requesting the exception 24 hours in advance. A parent/guardian must also present himself/herself to a member of the coaching staff informing the coach that his/her child is leaving with him/her. Student-athletes may then ride with their parent/guardian. Student-athletes may not ride with other student-athletes or anyone else other than their parent/guardian


Updated September 17, 2014

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