Athletic Code of Conduct:

Daily Attendance
MIAA Rule 45: Bona Fide Team MemberAny student-athlete absent from school the day of scheduled game or practice session will not be allowed to participate in that game or practice. A student must be in school for a minimum of 3 ½ hours in order to participate. Students who cut class or do not fulfill their Saturday School responsibilities will also be ruled ineligible for participation
Students in “Good Standing”: 
All athletes must be a student in “good standing” in order to participate in athletics. “Good standing” is defined but not limited to:
Adherence to school rules that regulate behavior and attendance
Respectful behavior towards all members of the school community
A student is considered not to be in good standing during the season of play/activity if he/she has a suspension, Saturday Schools or class cuts. A student found not to be in good standing may be denied the privilege of participating in an interscholastic sport or extracurricular activity.
Academic Duty:
Students will plan their time so that they will devote sufficient energy to their studies to ensure grades representing their true abilities.
Taunting, either as an active team member or as a spectator, at a sporting event is forbidden and may lead to suspension or elimination from the team.
Honesty and Integrity:
Honesty is expected at all times. Stealing and lying will not be tolerated and, subject to due process, will result in immediate dismissal from the team. Any individual who is found in possession of another individual’s personal property will forfeit their privilege to participate on any WHS Athletic team for at least one full year. Participation on a WHS athletic team after the one-year suspension will be contingent upon the outcome of a hearing comprised of WHS Administration and the Athletic Director.
Student Athletes are considered representatives of the school at all practices and contests and events. Students will conduct themselves properly when traveling as they represent the community, school and team. Profanity will be discouraged.
Respecting the Spirit of the Game:
Students will realize that officials do not lose a game, but are there for the purpose of insuring the game they are playing is a fair and safe contest for all participants. The officials will be shown courteous respect at all times.  Student-athletes will also not employ illegal tactics to gain an advantage.
Respect for the Coaching Staff:
Students will understand that their coaches have their best interests in mind as they plan and guide the athletic team. They will obey the specific rules of the coach.
Respect for school buildings and grounds:
Students will understand that damage to the school building, grounds, or school equipment will result in immediate suspension from the team.  The length of such suspension will depend on the severity of the damage as determined by the Athletic Director and Coach.  Please note, cleats are not to be worn in the building or on the track at any time.
We urge you to support WHS Athletics by:
Attending sporting events.
Lending positive support to our teams and coaches.
Encouraging all players without regard to their role on the team.
Helping other spectators and parents to maintain an appropriate sportsmanlike attitude.
Showing respect for the authority of the game officials.
Enjoying the Weston High School athletic experience


Updated September17, 2014

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