POWAH (People of Weston Allied for Health)
In FY'11 we received $342,089 from the United States Department of Education, Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools to reduce alcohol use and abuse in Weston.
RTTT (Race to the Top)
In FY’11 we received $21,506 to make improvements in six strategic areas including, but not limited to, improve teacher and principal effectiveness; use data to improve instruction; and develop and use a statewide teaching and learning system.
REMS (Emergency Readiness)
In FY'11 we received $147,667 from the United States Department of Education, Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools to increase the skills and knowledge of staff to carry out key emergency management tasks.
Title IV:   Safe & Drug Free Schools
We did not receive funds this year from the Safe & Drug Free Schools Grant.
Title II      Teacher Quality & Enhanced Educational Technology
In FY'11 we received $44,380 that supported professional development for faculty, including the Teacher Mentor Program and the Weston Professional Development Academy. Funds from this grant also supported the implementation of a new math curriculum in grades 3-5, and NEASC at the High School.
Title I
In FY’11 we received $58,193 to hire tutors to support at risk students in mathematics and literacy at qualifying schools. Qualification is based on free and reduced lunch program percentages. Money from these funds was also used for Professional Development for Field School to meet the AYP requirement.
Academic Support-632
In FY’11 we received funds $4,000 that are tied to supporting students academically at the High School. This academic support grant is targeted to students at risk of failing MCAS in Math or Science.
In FY’11 we received funds $81,200 to support the implementation of a full day kindergarten program by covering the kindergarten teacher and kindergarten instructional aide salaries for an extended day.
Biogen Idec-Chemistry
In FY’11 we receive $1,600 from Biogen Idec to fund a Grade 11 Chemistry summer program for METCO students.



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