DECA International Career Development Conference trip April 2017 in Anaheim CA


Tyler Morris and Dhruv Sumathi attended a two day leadership academy where they spent time networking with fellow students, gained leadership skills and learned more about entrepreneurship.  Arsh Tajuddin competed in the Virtual Business Restaurant category and Adra Cataltepe competed in the Financial Consulting event. 


The boys were just part of the close to 20,000 students and advisors that attended this annual conference with students all over the globe.  DECA is an business organization for high school students that DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. This is Weston’s 6th year in DECA and students have qualified and competed in this international competition 4 of those 6 years.

Congrats to the members of Weston DECA who competed in the Massachusetts DECA 58th annual Career Development Conference on March 11 and 12, 2017.  Weston took 12 students to the conference, most of them qualifying for the first time.  Overall it was a great success.  These students competed in their respective categories ranging from Financial Consulting to Fashion Merchandising.  Below are their results:

Arda Cataltepe 1st  place Financial Consulting

    Jack Dangelmaier and Michael Malenfant 13th place Business Service Operations

        Erica Leung 14th Place Franchise Business Plan

    Courtney Burrow  15th Place  Public Relations Project

    Juan Cotes, Dhruv Sumathi and Tyler Morris   16th Place  International Business Plan

Ben Goldstone  19th Place   Principles of Finance

James Summers    21st Place   Financial Consulting

Sophia Hoaglund and Sophia Scully-Power  28th Place     Fashion Merchandising


Because of his 1st place finish Arda will be heading to Anaheim California in late April to compete in the International Career Development Conference.  In addition, three other students will also be attending leadership workshops while there.


This is the 4th time in 6th years of Weston DECA that that a student has qualified for the International Competition.  Congrats to all!

When you see the following students be sure to congratulate them on a successful DECA District competition.  Over 600 students competed in the DECA District 4 conference on 12/15/16 from 13 different schools.  The students have been working since September on their categories and finally got the chance to show the judges what they knew.  For all of them it was their first time in DECA and they did a great job.  Below is their event and place that they finished.


Up next for Weston DECA is our State competition in March!


Sophia Hoagland and Sophia Scully-Power                   4th Place in Fashion Merchandising Plan

Dhruv Sumathi, Juan Cotes, and Tyler Morris              1st Place in International Business Plan

Ben Tremblay and Michael Curley                                 20th Place in Hospitality Team Decision Making

Ben Goldstone                                                                     1st Place in Principles of Finance



Weston DECA had another successful State Development Conference on March 12, 2016.

Congratulations to the following:


Catherine Argyrople: 1st place – Entrepreneurship Growing Your Business Event

Emma Harding and Katelyn Meslin:  Finalists (top 10) - International Business Plan

Caroline McNamara and Langley Pierpoint : Finalists (top 10) - Advertising Campaign


Because of her 1st place finish Catherine will be heading to Nashville, Tennessee in late April to compete in the International Career Development Conference.  In addition, three other students will also be attending leadership workshops while there.


We had a total of 11 students participate this past weekend, here are the others and their categories:


Arda Cataltepe -  Principles of Finance

Erica Leung  -  Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research event

Samantha Swartz and Lily MacNamara  -  Fashion Merchandising Event

Aidan Faller and John Kakradis  -   International Business Plan


This is the 3rd time in 5 years Weston has had a student qualify for the International Competition.  Congrats to everyone!


DECA at the  Student Activities Fair




Club Advisor Mr. Corey Guerra

Chirag Sumathi

Erica Leung

Rose Amiri

Kym Darby

Harrison Arnold

Lily MacNamara

Langley Pierpont

Caroline McNamara

Samantha Swartz

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools across the globe.  Pre-requisite: one business course.

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