Arts in the Weston Public Schools

The Weston Public Schools are committed to the Arts as one of the primary ways to foster creativity as well as joy.  The arts program has been recognized regionally as well as nationally, with the middle and high school drama, visual arts and music programs garnering awards every year.


In addition to curricular arts, students are actively engaged in extra-curricular performance.  The Weston High School Theater Company is prolific in its creation of original works as well as interpretations of classic and modern productions.  Several student a cappella groups and student bands entertain the school community as well as compete.  The Middle School Drama Club and Weston Junior Broadway are a formidable training ground for high school and beyond.


Parents are encouraged to volunteer.  The Weston Friends of Music (WFOM) assists the middle and high school faculty in presenting performances for the public while the Community Alliance for Student Theater (CAST) supports the efforts of the Weston High School Theater Company.


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