Student Council Minutes

First Quarter 2015-16

Meeting Date:

September 17,2015



Activity Meeting #1- 9/17/15

·        Wellness Day 11/2

·        Seniors make sure everyone goes

·        Dunkin Breakfast to the advisory with the best costumes

·        1st assembly

·        Gatorade and smoothies during lunch

·        Posters around the school

·        Cronhole? Games? during lunch

·        Cardboard trays for lunch

·        Grade with the best attendance wins food

·        Student Leadership Conference 11/9

·        Ideas for fun days- spirit days, tailgate? (see Will and Ramesh)

·        New students (help transitioning)

·        Buddy system

·        Technology, friend group

·        Advisory with other grades and without advisors? (see Ms. McCarty)

·        Work with student ambassadors (1 ambassador and 1 stuco assigned to each new student)

·        Online forum for kids to express how they feel about teachers or aspects of the school

·        Give ideas for change

·        Would people participate (how we it become something that people would want to do)

·        Anonymous?

·        Talking forum (done by grade in class meeting? people can stand up and say what they feel)

·        Parent and Faculty advisors take notes to then report back

·        Replace advisory every other week for the forum



September 24,2015
Activity Meeting #2 9/24/15
Camp No Limits 5K 10/31 Hingham
Video at assembly
Graphic design posters
Student auction
Kids night out during auction
Only juniors and seniors can auction themselves off
Catering? Cottage? The Local?
Viewing of big sports games in Media Center
Bubble Soccer Tournament
Rent for the gym or go to a place and rent a bus to transport people
Dodge ball tournament fall or spring?
March Madness
Flag Football tournament?
Bonding event?
Dave and Busters?
Bowling? Golf Club?
Sky zone?
Laser Tag?


Activity Meeting #3- 10/1/15

·        Freshmen were very nervous: will work through this -Ramesh

·        Turn in SLC permission slips

·        Grade check-in- reps need to go to class morning meetings

·        Anti-bullying

·        At the assembly people tell their bullying stories

·        Collect stories anonymously and share them

·        Have it figured out by Oct. 18

·        Wellness day

·        Expectations

·        Leader in advisories

·        Get everyone involved

·        Mr. Parker is coming to next meeting- Oct 15

·        Raise ideas and have goals for the year

  • Send ideas to an officer



Student leadership conference

Small groups- 

lacking school spirit hold events to grow spirit


Wellness day

  • really good way of promoting it


Attendance isn't much of an issue anymore but actually starting cheers and outwardly showing spirit

  • maybe people won't feel welcomed
  • Mr. McGrath shuts down cheers
  • Don't get any leeway
  • Freshman sit alone at football games
  • Make an official section- wear shirts
  • Central message board for events (tvs? Pole in caf? Emphasize to teachers to listen to weekly announcements. Intro music on announcements? Science wing is really quiet. Use announcements email address or change it to contact Ramesh and Will in any way?)


Lack of student interest-

  • hard to make an event that fits into everyone's schedule
  • Almost impossible to fix?
  • People leaving prom early. How to make people stay longer
  • Schedule events a while in advance
  • Don't give too many options just tell everyone what to do
  • End of quarter BBQ tailgate (just certain grades)
  • Should stuco start to plan events just for certain grades?
  • Pep rally (a real pep rally)
  • Spirit week?
  • Overnight lockdown (start with just stuco? Whole school could get out of hand?)
  • Paintball
  • Curl up and read day


Culture of weston (people are becoming disconnected)-

  • Administration needs to give leeway (no music in cafe, allow people to have fun without shutting things down, the cafe should be a hangout not a study space, use the tvs in the cafe as tvs (ESPN and other stations)?)
  • Spring wellness day? (More sports, maybe half day if we can't get a full day?)
  • On earth day- have field trips to do outdoor activities (hiking, fishing? Lee- look into)
  • Outdoor movie in the spring? Drive-in style? On the fields? Borrow projector from woodland country club? Field school courtyard? The town has a projector that they use during the summer? 


Student action for auction-

  • formal event
  • Mr. Banker is the auctioneer 
  • Combined with KNO
  • Juniors and seniors
  • Jan 29 snow date in February
  • All proceeds go to MetCo
  • Elementary and middle school parents are invited elderly?
  • Silent auction?


Student forum (update)-

  • With class meetings
  • Talk about teacher issues
  • How to filter the meetings (have an administrator or some student leader)
  • Have someone take notes


Activity Meeting #5 -10/22

·        Class check-in

·        Meeting with Mr. Parker

·        Diego Summers

·        Publicize shirts more

·        Maybe do a couch theme brave people in support of Diego

·        Try to show support

·        Superhero day

·        Thoughts on Wellness Day

·        Good feedback from kids and parents

·        Some refining- lunch shorter? art?

·        No parent/ faculty member/ or student has given any horrible feedback

·        Student forum

·        Fully supports

·        Have a conversation

·        Can be helpful to have a faculty member to keep it organized and also add insight

·        Guidelines to what people can say (maybe deal with a department rather than a teacher)

·        More no-homework weekends/ no homework over vacations

·        Faculty meeting?

·        Is it worth pushing for or will it just get shut down immediately?

·        Have a meeting with the department heads?

·        Try one break?

·        Vacations should be to spend time with family, and sports are already taking up time during break

·        Music in the cafe

Oct 29,2015
Kids night out
- Dec. 12
- Run by build on
- Everyone should volunteer so that we can take ideas and use it for ours

Spirit points?
- which grade goes to sports games the most
- Goes all out for Halloween
- Give points for attendance or spirit
- Grade with the most points gets a breakfast or something

Student forum proposal
- A teacher that doesn't teach that grade should supervise?
- Some people don't want to say something out loud they can write it down and have a stuco member say it
- Have Parker introduce it to whole school
- Set a theme to the meeting- school spirit, teacher issues etc.
- Maybe just juniors and seniors have these meetings
- Maybe a few teachers (still teachers that we still respect)
- If someone isn't being respectful call them out
- Maybe combine 3 or 4 advisories?



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