Student Council Minutes

Third Quarter 2015-2016


Meeting Date:

January 14, 2016

 Grade check-in

  • freshman- class trip
  • Sophomore- locations for prom
  • Junior- special olympics and fundraising and prom committee meeting
  • Senior- black and white and spring events

Student Auction

  • Chaperone confirmation
January 28, 2016


Meeting 1/28

Grade check ins

- Freshman- semi formal

- Sophomores- grade event

- Juniors- prom and special olympics

- Seniors- nothing

Spring fling intro

- Change ticketing to pumpkin fest style

- More sponsors

- Silent auction

- Tshirts

- Volunteers need to bring donations

Feb, 16, 2016


Meeting 2/25

Grade check-in

- Freshman- had a good class breakfast

- Sophomore- ice skating

- Junior- prom and special olympics

- Senior-

Meeting with Parker

TVs- not being used to full potential

- March Madness, sports info, etc.

- Maybe use more televised stations during lunch in cafe Art trials- trying to test courses out for a week

- Meet with Art department head to discuss

- Maybe create a new course that touches upon all aspects of art rather than having to choose a specific class Weight room

- Being in a public school 18 years old doesn't matter

- Maybe sign a waiver


- Remind faculty to please be respectful of the announcements No homework weekends

- Changes tone of everyone in a good way

- Replace weekends with no HW breaks

- Tests the second class back forces people to study during no HW weekends



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