Student Council Minutes

Fourth Quarter 2014-15


Meeting Date:

week of

April 30,2015

 Distributed Spring Fling t-shirts

Tomorrow Ms. McCarty, Lane and Mikaela will pick up supplies from Market Basket

Went over shifts for Spring Fling (8:00-11:30 and 11:30-3:00)

Got Mrs. Burkus, Mrs. Alphas, Mr. Black, Mrs. Cronin, Mr. Metreau to help will grilling

Anyone working all day should be working ticket sales or the raffle

Have any extra volunteers talk to Ms. McCarty in the next two days

Elections for office for the 2015-2016 school year are coming up (Student Council officers are running next week, and reps are the week after)

We’re all set for tech for entertainment

Meeting #1- 6/5/2015
Introductions- pizza party next Thursday
Plans for next year:
A lot of small things to make the school year more fun: Spirit day
People auction in sept
Wellness Day Oct 3- Prizes for advisories: best outfits
Make all events a big deal to gain full support from all students
5 people per grade- need to make a schedule for stu gov meetings- need communication with each grade to minimize confusion



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