Junior Class Officer Meeting Minutes

First Quarter 2016-2017


Meeting Date:

 Meeting Minutes for September 15th, 2016
Class Bonding 
-Go Carts booked for October 1st in Wilmington 
-Around 1-4 PM 
-Aim for 50 attendees
-Will need around 2 buses 
-Need 20 students for 1 chaperone
-Send out permission slips and wavier 
-Upload on WebTrac 
Class Breakfast
-September 21st
-Send trick or treats (candy gram concept) 
-Check if another class/club does something during Halloween (see Mr. Pezzote)
-Long sleeved or short sleeved shirt
-Custom headbands? 
-Talk to Mr. Guerra about printing 
-Marriott LongWharf
-May 13th
-Need to book DJ 
 Meeting Minutes for September 28th, 2016 
Class Bonding
-Replace Go Carts with Field Day or Color War 
-Hold at the school (Middle School gym?) on a Sunday afternoon
-Cost will be lower and time is more flexible 
-Vary activities (not all athletic)
-Ice skating in winter 
-200 white came t-shirts from Mr. Guerra - $15.50/shirt 
-Sell at table at lunch 
-Ask Mr. Guerra for price breakdown 
-Set up committee in January 
-Need to plan service event for the grade
 Meeting Minutes for October 4th, 2016 
-60 Grey 
-60 Camo
-20 S
-20 M
-20 L 
-Discuss at class meeting tomorrow 
Trick or Treat
-Sweet (treat) or sour (trick) candy
-Buy bulk from BJs
-Sell the week of Monday, October 24th to Thursday, October 27th
-Package on Thursday, October 27th and Friday, October 28th 
-Deliver to homeroom boxes 
-Attach sheets with name and homeroom with play on word phrases 
-Snack bags from Christmas Tree Shop 
-Announce at class meeting 
Class Bonding
-Ask class for ideas
-Try ice skating again 
Community Service Events 
-More than Words, hospitals and nursing homes 
-Collect books - start with 
-Collect sports equipment
-Collect clothing 
-Everyone look into a different charity 
-Market with 2018 pounds, hours, etc. 
-Bring up at class meeting 
 Student Leadership Conference Notes (October 14th) 
Sell shirts ($20) during lunch and at football game 
Check with Mr. McGrath and Weston Boosters
“2018 Lbs.” Campaign 
“Saturdays are for the Books” on November 19th from 12:00-2:00 PM
Set up boxes throughout the school beforehand 
Drop off books (donate to More than Words, Italian Home for Children and VA Hospital) 
Lunch outside for those who donated 
Will need building use form 
Check with Mr. McGrath to figure out if the school will be open
Send out a Grapevine and Westword to publicize 
Get posters and sandwich boards (24 x 36 in.) 
Scale to weigh books 
Create wood thermometer and color in amount of pounds collected 
If every person brings in 13 lbs., can reach 2018 lbs. 
Speaker from Italian Home for Children on November 23rd 
Clothing and shoes drive before everyone goes off to college 
Candy grams – trick and treats
~250 baggies total 
Ice skating
Post February break before sports restart (February 25th) 
Scale back on food
Pi Day
Include Glennie and Grace Wang 
 Meeting Minutes for October 19th
Candy Grams
-Sell next week
-Folders to separate into grade 
-Write homeroom immediately after slip 
-Organize by homeroom during lunch, activity block and after school next Thursday 
-Put into homeroom boxes during lunch next Friday 
-Have bags if candy grams will not fit into mailboxes 
-Posters have to be approved by Pezzote 
-Add announcement to bulletin board 
Sports Resale
-Sell old sports equipment at Middle School gym
Italian Home
-November 3rd 
-11:45-12:15 PM during class meeting 
Saturdays are for the Books
-November 19th
-Put out boxes when first Grapevine is sent
-Create posters and flyers 
-Draft Grapevine (send to Ms. Gugliotta) 
-Food collection after 
-Talk to Mr. McGrath about sports
-Need building use form
-Set up sandwich boards on school grounds 
 Meeting Minutes for October 26th
2018 Lbs. Campaign
-November 19th as official date
-Do not need to pay
-Sandwich boards - Jack
-More than Words dropping off bins on Friday (5)
-Get large boxes for food (5)
-Decorate bins 
-Drop off bins at each school
Candy Grams
-Need master list of homerooms from Ms. Reid 
-Send at basketball games this winter? Talk to Mr. McGrath
Class Breakfasts 
-Class breakfast on 12/16
-Either donate money or bring something
-Hot chocolate instead of iced coffee 
-No lemonade 
-No water
-Grapes and strawberries for fruits 



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