Sophomore Class Officer Meeting Minutes

First Quarter 2016- 207

Meeting Date:



September 7, 2016: 


  • Haunted House and Boat Cruise dates 
  • Online payment 
  • paying for 150 students for boat cruise, Facebook, at lunch 
  • invitation looks GREAT for boat cruise 
  •, have everyone signed up, Caitlyn 
  • Instagram for semi, get password, or make a new one 
  • advisory sign ups 
  • advisory after lunch 
  • utilizing advisory with semi and other big events 
  • $60.00 for boat cruise
  • chaperones 
  • dance contract 
  • Haunted House 
  • Present Haunted House at activity fair 
  • Think of themes: circus, Harambe 
  • Bring up Haunted House SOON 
  • Get it to younger kids 


September 14th, 2016:

  • Instagram 
  • Chaperones for Boat cruise: Ms. P, Ms. Neil, Ms. Hamavid, Mr. Mantie, Mr. Moore
  • form to bring someone from another school to the Boat Cruise
  • Email has gone out to the parents about the event 
  • music playlist for boat cruise 
  • posters for the boat cruise posted around the schools
  • link to pay posted on Facebook
  • Cost for the boat cruise: it’s worth it 
  • Changing the date of the haunted house (now it is October 29th) 
  • Themes for haunted house- Circus
  • Sign up sheet for the haunted house 
  • Final theme for haunted house: Circus
  • adding a (haunted) hay ride, or keep it kid friendly 
  • sweatpants for class merchandise 
  • Selling hats again

September 21st, 2016

5 areas plus kids room (for Haunted House)

Each officer leading a group

Figure out who can do poster 

Popcorn and cotton candy machine 

Food permit 

More people for cruise 

All set on chaperones for boat cruise 

Instagram for our class? 


September 28th, 2016

selling hats, $20, order 200 of them

haunted house, looking at the rooms we have 

stilts, instruments, popcorn and cotton candy outside haunted house, gymnastics, dogs on their hind legs, someone who can juggle

kids corner 

shifts, class officers being tour guides 

discussing theme of each room 

transportation of things in haunted house 

communicate about boat cruise 

sending email to each student 


October 5th, 2016

haunted house groups 

deadline for Boat Cruise signup- October 8th

ideas for haunted house, themes

tour guides for haunted house (officers and two others)

script for haunted house 

popcorn and cotton candy maker (under a tent) 

find out what we need in each room in haunted house, decorations, props


opportunity basket 

pricing of opportunity basket

$5.00 for one, buy 2 get one free, 3 for 10

only sold at football game 

sweatpants samples

haunted house poster 

meetings during Activity Block for haunted house in GEC

Scripts for Haunted House due Friday 

Video for Haunted House due Monday 

Joggers or baggy sweatpants?? 

Putting a poll out to our grade 


haunted house rooms/props/costumes

haunted house script

opportunity basket

$5.00 for one, buy 2 get one free, 3 for 10

sold at lunch, winner announced on Monday 

figure out times for officers to sell the raffle tickets

Mandatory meeting in the Media Center (for haunted house) during activity block

Haunted house set up starts at 9:30am

All must be back by 4:30pm for run through and preparation of costumes



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