Junior Class Officer Meeting Minutes

Second Quarter 2016-17

Meeting Date:



-Position sandwich board by painted rock at front of school

-Collect everything from each school next Friday

-Deliver to Middle School 

-Use scale from Ms. Gettys (up to 400 lbs.) 

-Gather more volunteers for Saturday 

-Color in poster as more is donated 

-More than Words pickup on Saturday 

-Talk to Detective Kelly regarding food 

Class Breakfast 

-Next week 

-Post on Facebook regarding class breakfasts - encourage parents to get involved and donate 


-Start selling during lunches 

Candy Grams

-Profit of $210 

Possible Fundraisers 

-Car wash

-Opportunity baskets 



Tshirts talk to mR Gibbons and contact grade leaders

Ask easiest way to distribute order forms-half sheets

Ask about easiest way to collect-envelope in mainoffice

note shirts are for adult males

ask about coming to morning meetings wesr shirts to advertise

can we purchase xs


t shirts

check with MR. Guerrs

Gibbons at MS

Mr Mc Grath clothing for free admission 

order form onstead of pre pricing

talk to mr guerra some shirts did not come out well

limit to 40 orders

Waltham Boys and Girls Club

]Set up tables on 12/9 at 7

send out sign ups thru FB


Start committee in January




Gift card every day of the month

$10 for tickets

do next year



Meeting Minutes for December 7th, 2016

Waltham Boys and Girls Club 

-Make sign ups visible 

-Repost announcement about service opportunity on Friday


-Mr. Gibbons will get back to us on whether or not we can sell

-Create new fan shirt 

-Home basketball games on Fridays (December 20th) 

-Get youth sizes  

Class Breakfast

-Wednesday before break 

-Holiday themed 




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