Sophomore Class Officer Meeting Minutes

Second Quarter 2016-17


Meeting Date:



  • haunted house expenses?? 
  • sweatpants ($38) Only the class of 2019 
  • selling and collecting cash for sweatpants 
  • Orders in by Thanksgiving 
  • Needs to go through the town first to order 
  • buddy system 
  • gift basket, holiday basket, sold during the holidays, all of Weston High School 
  • Holiday events 
  • Elementary schools involved 
  • Winter event in Caf
  • $20 per kid 
  • Cookie decorating, hot chocolate, snow globe decorating 
  • Weston’s Winter Wonderland 
  • On a Friday night, the kids come in their pajamas 
  • haunted house expenses (table…?)
  • sweatpants (9 orders so far) ONLINE 
  • opportunity (Holiday) basket- When do we sell it?
  • $5.00 for one, buy 2 get one free, 3 for $10.00
  • Class breakfast! Wednesday before Thanksgiving
  • Class breakfast- 11/23 (day of pep rally)
  • muffins, munchkins, bagels

opportunity basket to be sold NEXT WEEK! 

Sold during lunch, each officer gets different date 

Make list of things in basket, post them with the basket

sweatpants were a success, sold 84 pants 

distributing sweatpants

Movie night in media center later in January? 

The Bachelor viewing party in media center w/ bracket

March Madness: in the future 


- opportunity basket sales are well 

- selling at home basketball games 

- selling it through next week (announcing it Monday and Tuesday) 

- future opportunity baskets

- 12/18 sweatpants arrive 

- prom venues (talking about it soon) 

- seaport hotel, setting up appointments to look at prom venues 

- class bonding events 

- flash events

- putting for patients 

-sporting event with varsity teams 



- $320

- when to pick the winner (Friday on announcement)

- class breakfast every other break

-sweatpants pick up at HS, deliver the rest 

- prom routine 

-looking at venues 

- the bachelorette night, making brackets for winner, winner gets a prize 

-fundraisers for 2017


bachelor night (around the 4th episode) 

-$5.00 to get in

-fantasy league, winner gets a prize

-media center

-find date where episode airs

- how are we going to air it? 

- prom- lookin at venues

-May 12th or 17th next year for prom 

-nike sweatshirts sold to whole school THIS YEAR

-$330.00 check to Dana Farber from Opportunity Basket 




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