Sophomore Class Officer Meeting Minutes

Third Quarter 2016-2017

Meeting Date:



prom venues and times to visit 

-bachelor night? questionable...

-swetashirt ideas for the whole school (later in the spring) 

-Dana Farber (discussing Putting for Patients)

-Each student raises $50.00 for Dana Farber (since it is our charity) 

-Get people to make teams 

-Raise awareness and money 

-Need 12 sweatpants orders in order to be able to get more

-Long day, more volunteers 

-Raising money by sports team, being a team for the event 

-Online auction for Putting for Patients, can make a lot of money 

-running a car wash on the day of Putting for Patients 


-bachelor night in the future

-putting for patients and Dana Farber 

-car wash at Putting for Patients (weather depending)

-visiting prom venues 

-have "boxes" if the Patriots make the SuperBowl (open it up to the school) 

-sweatshirts on hold 

-Casino night (semi-formal for only our class)

-outside All-school dance in June (at tennis courts)

-Semi-formal May 20th 



- prom venues 

- view of Boston is a must 

- number of kids that would go to prom (200-300) 

- Superbowl squares $2.00 per square 

- open to the whole school

- $50 gift cards for winner 

- 4 winners 

- Putting for Patients 

- car wash at Putting for Patients 

- Bachelor Night 

- finale episode 

- superbowl squares are doing well

- announcing on all school assembly 

- visiting prom venues this weekend 

- casino night (venue?)

- putting for patients

- valentines day (candy grams)

- valentines day cards for Dana Farber



- Car wash at Spring Fling

- getting supplies will be easy 

- Rivers for semi-formal, big room, cheaper (May 20th)

- car wash at Putting For Patients 

- success from last year (ducks and donuts)

- National Honors Society process for next year

- community service signed off 

- Field School for semi (cheap as well) 

- Valentine's day candy grams! 

- Bachelor finale night (class bonding)

- Class breakfast Friday before break

- fundraisers during March (CPK)

- BuildOn fundraiser (Kids Night Out) 

- Sports Day in Spring (run by Sophomores) in Buchard Park 

- Seaport for Prom (May 12, 2018) 

- seniors + sophomores meeting during Advisory to talk about classes

- inexpensive events, bubble fights, sumo suits 

- massage chairs during advisory 

- tubing at Nashoba or Wachussett 

- more flash events 



- options for semi formal, looking for places, and dates 

- Friday Night at Weston Golf Club (semi, checking athletic schedule)

- Prom at Seaport- contract DONE 

- March 13th, Bachelor Night, snacks 

- taking over candy grams, during the holidays and on Valentine's day (twice a year)

- Putting for Patients pledges

- Hold car wash if weather is nice enough 


- no bachelor night 

- casino night at Regis College

- $50 tickets for semi 

- 7:00pm-10:00pm on May 20th

- make a save the date

- advertise semi

- fundraising pledges for Dana Farber (Putting for Patients) 



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