Junior Class Officer Meeting Minutes

Third Quarter 2016-17

Meeting Date:



Prom Committee

-Meeting tomorrow

-Rm. 6 - ask math teacher to unlock 

-Electronic vs. paper invitations 

-Gaming tables? 

-Already have decorations for Great Gatsby theme 


-How many do we need?

Ice Skating

-Did not answer

-Mr. Black will stop there and talk to them

-Charge $20

Boys and Girls Club

-Did not answer

Marriott Longwharf 

-Schedule site visit with prom committee 

-The weekend after next? 

-Decide on date during prom committee tomorrow 

Pi Day

-Tuesday, March 14th

-Reach out to Glennie and Grace

-Check with what pies sold best

Opportunity Baskets

-Ask for parent donations of gift cards through Scripps - highlight needed cards 





Meeting Minutes for January 18th 


-Paper invitations

-How many opportunity baskets? (6?) 

-Great Gatsby theme 

-Visiting venue this weekend at 4PM 

-Post in FB group 

-Post on Bulletin 

Ice Skating

-Waiting for response 

-Call Newton Country Day if needed

-$265/hour $530/2 hours

Class Meeting

-Show Camp No Limits video 

Car Wash

-After Spring Fling to raise money for class 


Meeting Minutes for February 1st


-Announce invitation contest tomorrow (due on February 28th)

-Submit to Ms. Gugliotta 

-Invitations in homeroom mailboxes on April 7th

-$130 before April 26th

-$150 after 

-No purchase after May 5th 

-10 to 15 scholarships 

-Talk to senior class about prom 

-Collect bottles through committee 

-Test out bottles 

-$400 budget for decoration 


-Saturday, March 4th at Daly Rink in Newton 

-Cost - $20 

-Hot chocolate and cookies 

Pi Day

-Talk to Glennie about leading

-Ask Grace and Glennie if they want to come to one of our meetings

Class Breakfast

-Talk to Tony 



·       Spring Fling

o   Ping pong toss

§  Different color cup for different prize

o   Fishing for rubber ducks

§  Talk to freshman class

§  Order ducks

§  Number on bottom of duck determines prize – candy or duck

o   Order candy for both

·       Car wash after Spring Fling

·       Skating

o   Flyers and Grapevine announcement with details

o   Put flyers on walls and lunch tables

o   Find chaperones

·       Class breakfast next Wednesday

o   Fill out building use form

·       Prom

o   Have option when paying to contribute to scholarships

o   Talk to senior class about scholarships

o   Decorations on Sunday?

o   Find chaperones

·       Bring back hypnotist next year

·       Talk to seniors about black and white – Weston Golf Club vs. Town Hall

·       Pi Day

o   1 pie for $3 and 2 pies for $5

o   Print order forms onto colored paper

o   Keep track of orders during lunch (# of each type of pie) and organize by faculty and grade

o   Sort by homeroom and distribute into boxes on Friday

o   Hold pies in Mr. McLaughlin’s office

o   Make box to hold coupons for day of

o   Start selling week after break

·       Senior T-Shirts

o   Send out Google Survey via Facebook for ideas

·       Facebook

o   Change settings so that posts must be reviewed by admin before being published




Meeting Minutes for March 1st


-Look at options for prom invitations

Pi Day

-Start next week and sell at lunch 

-Flavors - apple, eclair and blueberry 

-Print coupons (Kathryn)

-Create poster (Kathryn) 

-Reserve table (Danielle) 

-Make schedule for lunches (Danielle) 

-Get cash box (Alina) 

-Slips into homeroom boxes on Friday 

Senior T-Shirts

-Need two senior slogans 

-Survey monkey for suggestions 

-Have order forms 

-Have everyone email designs - winner gets free t-shirts 

-Hand out on May 5th 

-May 8th - first day as seniors 

March Madness

-Use as fundraising 

-Get approval from Mr. Parker 




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