Junior Class Officer Meeting Minutes

Fourth Quarter 2016-17

Meeting Date:




Meeting Minutes for March 29th 


-Invites are ordered 

-Invitations in mailbox by April 7th

-Delivery of invitations on April 10th 

-Decorate bottles (this weekend) 

-Deadline at April 26th for cheaper tickets 

-Send letter to parents about opportunity baskets 


-$5.99/white shirt 

-$6.86/black shirt 

-Orders in by April 13th 

-Give out at class meeting in May 

-Available for purchase on WebTrack

Smoothie/Sorbet Breakfast

-Before April break 

-3 or 4 choices 






-Invitations in homeroom boxes on Friday 


Ms. Hamavid - Amanda 

Mr. Fidler - Kathryn

Mr. Banker -Alina 

Ms. Schomp - Amanda 

Ms. McCarty - Danielle 

Mr. Pezzote - Alina 

Ms. Fierabend - Kathryn and Alina 

Ms. Baker - Danielle 

Ms. Young - Jack 

Ms. Lee - Kathryn 

Ms. Tucker - Jack 

Mr. Luu - Amanda 

Coach Brisette - Danielle 

Ms. South - Danielle 

Mr. Dunbar - Danielle 

Ms. Hagan - Jack 

Ms. Neil - Kathryn 

-Use Grace Carter's invitation as poster 

-Tuxedo flyers after April break 

Senior Week 

-Pass out order forms for t-shirts

-Put flyers in frames on lunch tables 

-Leave stack of order forms beside frames 

-Need to sell at least 80 t-shirts by April 13th 

-Day 1 - senior shirts

-Day 2 - American

-Day 3 - Pajamas 

-Day 4 - 90s 

-Day 5 - Dressy

Class Breakfast

-Cancelled before break because of messy tables

-Potentially host after break 

-Post message on FB 






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