Sophomore Class Officer Meeting Minutes

Fourth Quarter 2016- 2017

Meeting Date:


-baking sale for Putting for Patients

-need more people to sign up

-gift card for sophomore who raises the most money 

-bake sale 

-save the date for semi on facebook 

-more chaperones for the dance 

-posters for semi (casino night theme) 

-semi 7-10

-t-shirts (for whole school) 


semi formal chaperones

-putting for patients 

-food for semi

-semi save the date (7-11pm)

-Kids night out at field school (May 5th) class fundraiser 

-costs for event and each kid 

-shirts for the whole school/pricing TBD 

-wildcat logo on shirt

- preorders

-car wash for spring fling 

-selling t-shirts at semi, cost of t-shirt + semi cost, paying at once 




-Putting for Patients success of Class of 2019

-Kids Night Out May 5th at Woodland, possibly open it up to grades K-3

-Volunteers for Kids Night Out

-Middle school for venue 

-try it out first, make it small

-ADVERTISING is huge for the event 

-Comellas Pizza for Kids Night Out 

-Sign up sheet for parents 

-T-shirts sold for $25


Kids Night Out at Woodland school (6-9pm)

- Get volunteers/jobs 

- Posted about Semi in Facebook group 

- Pre sign up 

- food, advertising, crafts, sports, reading activities 

- tour of Woodland 

- Car wash sign ups 

- shirts!!! (order 100 now), sell some now, and in the fall as well




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