The following books have recently been added to the middle school library.  Check the card catalog for a complete description.


 Happy Reading!


D'Lacey, Chris and Jay- Rain and Fire-  A companion guide to the Last Dragon Chronicles, including insight into all seven books.  Full of fun facts, glossaries, and images.


Giff, Patricia Reilly- Gingersnap-  During World War II, Jana's brother, her only relative, is called for duty.

After discovering a recipe book and a Brooklyn address, she decides to look for a grandmother she never knew.


Hoose, Philip- Moonbird-  Details of the Rufa red knot B95, a robin sized shorebird that can fly  the equivalent to the moon and back during its lifetime..  Changes along its migratory route have caused the population to decrease by 80%.


Lupica, Mike- Game ChangersPlay Makers-  Ben McBain, a quiet hard working basketball player, is challenged by new kid Chase Braggs, who is a show off on the court.


Johnson-Shelton, Nils- The Seven Swords-  Artie must claim his throne as King Arthur reborn in order to save both worlds. To accomplish this, he gathers his knights to recover each of the Seven Swords.


Rappaport, Doreen- Helen's Big World-  Picture book depicting the life of Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan.



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