Special Education at Weston High

Our mission is to provide an individualized educational program that is accessible and meaningful to each student who qualifies for specialized instruction under the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Further, it is our goal to work collaboratively with families in order to ensure the highest quality programing services and educational opportunities while here in Weston Public Schools and beyond.


·       Are educated in a positive and productive learning environment where they can make effective progress

·       receive specialized instruction at their instructional level

·       Are educated in the least restrictive environment alongside their typical peers to the greatest extent possible

·       Are afforded opportunities to increase their independence so that personal and career goals can be achieved.



Patrick Kelly, Director of Special Education 6-12 (781)-786-5881

Jeffery Dias, Team Chair (781)-786- 5881

Student Services Case House (781)-786-5240



Weston Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)



Massachusetts Special Education Laws and Regulations (603 CMR 28.00):



Parents Notice of Procedural Safeguards



Special Education Parent Information





This program is housed at all schools in the district.  These programs primarily services students who have a primary diagnosis of Autism, Communication Disorder and/or Neurological Disorder.  Some students in these classrooms require highly individualized programing in all academic and social areas.  These students often have a concomitance of disabilities and do not fit into just one category but do sometimes require intensive related services including OT, PT, Assistive Technology and Speech and Language.  Other students participate in general education classrooms with support, accommodations, and related services.  Many of the students in the Access program receive instruction in social pragmatics.


Academic Strategies

This program was formally called Learning Center at the elementary schools and Skills and at the Middle and High School.  Students may receive support in reading, writing, mathematics, organization and other executive functioning skills.  These programs service, by far, the largest number of students in Weston Public Schools on IEPs. Some of the participating students are scheduled in Academic Strategies classes every day and some for just one or two periods/blocks per week.  The classes are designed to meet the individual goals and objectives of the student’s IEP and are intended to provide direct instruction and academic support.



Goal is a Weston High School program for students with complex learning and social profiles that educates students from high school to the age of 22 and that includes transition planning.  In addition to academic curriculum students learn vocational and community skills in a small instructional setting.



There are language-based programs at all of the elementary schools and the Middle School.  Students who receive services in these programs have a language-based learning disability, most often dyslexia.  As a result of their disability, these students require highly specialized instruction, primarily in reading, writing, and math but may also require support for science and/or social studies.  Many of the students in the programs require from instruction in research-based, highly-structured reading programs, including Orton -Gillingham or Wilson. We have professionals in every school trained in these programs.  The language-based programs provide a small educational setting where students who are eligible receive their instruction by a certified special educator.



Bridge is a program for students to aid in their transition back to the high school after a hospitalization, for an extended evaluation, or for students facing emotional and/or social stressors that require a more structured therapeutic environment.  Bridge is also used as a home base for students who require this level of therapeutic support on an ongoing basis.  Students in Bridge are accessing the general education curriculum to varying degrees with varying supports.  Each student’s schedule has been altered on an individual basis to increase the likelihood that they are able to meet the demands of their classes and remain in an emotionally healthy state.  Some students access it once a day and others access the Bridge classroom many times in a day for academic and emotional support.  Bridge supports both students on Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) and students who are not identified with a disability.  Bridge is staffed by both a counselor and a special education teacher to support the individualized needs of students.


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