Weston School Committee Policy Manual

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Policy Manual

Section A, Foundations and Basic Commitments

Section B, Board Governance and Operations

Section C, General School Administration

Section D, Fiscal Management

Section E, Support Services

Section F, Facilities Development

Section G, Personnel

Section H, Negotiations

Section I, Instruction

Section J, Students

Section K, Community Relations

Section L, Education Agency Relations

Regulations and Exhibits


Recent revised and approved policies


EFAB - Food Allergy Policy

Food Allergy Guidelines (Elementary)

Food Allergy Guidelines (Secondary)


JJIF - Concussion Management Policy

GBEC – Drug Free Workplace

IHAMA – Teaching about Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs

JICH – Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use by Students Prohibited

JICHA – School Policies on Drug Use

JLCD – Administering Medicines


We have also posted individually some frequently requested policies:

Class Size Policy

Security Cameras

Student Appropriate Use of Technology

Concussion Management Policy and its Protocol,

Admission of Students to the Weston Public Schools ("residency" policy)

Harassment and/or Bullying

Bullying Prevention Policy

Homework Policy

No Idling Policy

School Year/School Calendar Policy


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