Finance and Operations Procedure Manual

The Finance and Operations Procedure Manual is designed to provide accurate and timely information on the day-to-day implementation of Weston School Committee policies related to finance and operations.  Where appropriate, the procedure manual is cross referenced with the School Committee policies. 


Table of Contents
Section I: School Finance Handbook 
Roles and Responsibilities   
Financial Management   
Section II: Financial Procedures Manual
Part I.  Overview
Part II.  Internal Control Procedures   
Appendix A:  Athletic Monies
Section III: Student Activity Account Guidelines
Part I.   General Information   
Part II.   Operating Procedures   
Part III.   Appendix: Sample Forms   
Event Financial Report (Form 1)
Deposit Slip Form (Form 2)   
Withdrawal Request Form (Form 3)   
Check Reimbursement Request Form (Form 4)   
Accounts Payable Payment Request Form (Form 5)
Cash Box Log Form (Form 6)
Request for Recognition of a Student Activity (Form 7)
Graduation Class Funds Designation (Form 8)
Section IV:  Federal Grants Internal Control Document


Section V: Process Instructions    
I.    Federal and State Grants   
Requesting Grant Funds – G5 (Federal)   
Requesting Grant Funds – DESE (State)
Requesting Grant Funds – EEC (State)
Time and Effort Verification   
II.    Business and Accounting Processes   
Accounts Payable   
Chapter 30B Procurement   
Insufficient Funds   
Journal Entry   
New Vendor Entry   
College Testing Proctor Payments   
Purchase Order Modification   
Purchase Order Management   
Reimbursement Voucher   
     Within the United States   
     International Reimbursements  
Purchase Order Approval Process  
Requisition Entry   
Scholarship Fund Creation  
Transfer of Funds 
III.    Reporting Processes  
Grant Budget Reports   
Open Purchase Order Report  
Revolving Fund Budget Reports   
Year to Date Budget Reports  
IV.    Building and Field Use  
Building Use Form  
Field Use Form  
Pool Use Form  
V.    Deposit Procedures  
Adult and Continuing Education    
Building Use Rental   
Drama Revolving   
Field Use Rental
Gift Revolving   
Guidance Revolving  
Music Revolving
Non-Resident and Staff Tuition
On-Line Payments   
Pool Use   
Pre-School Revolving   
Textbook Revolving
Transportation Revolving
Weston Education Enrichment Fund Committee (WEEFC)
Weston International Affiliation (WIA)   
VI.    Personnel and Human Resource Procedures   
Application for Employment   

Statewide Application Fingerprint Identification Services (SAFIS)
Criminal Offender Record Inquiry (CORI)   
Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) I-20  / J-2 Visa
Munis Security   
Network Application   
New Hire / Change in Status Form   
Payroll Election 
VIII. Transportation and Travel Procedures   
Anti-Idling Requirements  
In-State Field Trip Procedures and Forms
International Travel – Ethics Forms   
International Travel – Authorization and Permission Forms
Trip Mileage  

Transportation Handbook
IX.     Food Services Procedures  
Cash Draw Verification   
Catering Order Form  
Catering Invoices  
Daily Potential Sheet   
Debt Management  
General Ledger Report
Free and Reduced Lunch Program
Invoice Processing   
Monthly Claim Reimbursement  
Petty Cash Verification   
Daily Deposit   
X.     Miscellaneous Procedures  
Full Time Equivalent Calculator 
Instrumental Rental Procedure  
Disposal of Surplus Property   
Financial Assistance Determination  



If there are any questions, please contact Cindy Mahr, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations.


Updated:  August, 2016


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