The Bridge Program

The Bridge Program at Weston High School serves two populations within the same therapeutic community: a transition population and a special education population. Bridge provides intensive, individualized support to Weston High School students who are returning from substantial absences for emotional or medical reasons, or students who have an ongoing emotional need and are receiving special education services. 
Located in Room 209 of the high school, Bridge provides a safe space for students. This is especially useful for students who have ongoing medical or mental health symptoms that create obstacles to the student being in class. Bridge students use the physical center as a home-base to meet with teachers, catch-up on missed assignments, take tests and quizzes, or relax until symptoms subside. 
Bridge is staffed by Gaby Holland (Adjustment Counselor) and Rachel Bergeron (Academic Coordinator) who work with students and teachers to communicate not only what the student may be experiencing symptomatically, but also to see the big picture about what the student faces in his/her return to school in general. As a result, students are able to have realistic timelines about their return to class and/or academics. Bridge staff also advocate for their students so that unnecessary requirements might be eased on a case-by-case basis.
Finally, the Bridge Program supports students’ mental health through coordination with outside hospitals, therapists, doctors, tutors, and others to ensure that the school has the most current recommendations for each student’s recovery and rehabilitation into the school. High school can be stressful, even for healthiest of students. Bridge ensures that students who require additional support have an opportunity to access services to enable their success.

Special Education Department/Bridge Program

Rachel Bergeron, M.S.Ed.


Rachel graduated with a master’s degree in Special Education from Simmons College. She worked in Bridge as a learning assistant while completing the practicum portion of her degree. Rachel provides academic support and special education services to the students in the Bridge program.



School Adjustment Counselor and Case Manager, Bridge Special Education,  Gaby Holland (LCSW, Ed.M) 


Gaby came to Weston High School after graduating with dual masters degrees in Social Work and Special Education from Boston University.  Her work with the Bridge program allows her to combine her unique skill set to provide therapeutic support for students receiving special education services. 





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