Taste Test Days

 First grade students used time in art class to create pie charts with the kale pesto pasta results!


Does your child love vegetables?  How do you prepare them?  Does your family have a favorite dish?  Let us know!  Your recipe could be featured for our Taste Test Days program or even on our menu!  Please send ideas and recipes to Kelly Shaw !  Please note, we do not serve nut products of any kind.  If you would like to volunteer your time to this program, please click the link below.

This month we will be tasting Bok Choy Salad.  The recipe can be found here.  If you have any questions about the ingredients served, please contact Kelly Shaw  or 781-786-5292.  
The schedule for tasting is as follows:
Country School: Tuesday, Feb 7th, March 7th, and April 11th
Field School: Wednesday, Feb 8th, March 8th, and April 12th
Woodland School: Thursday, Feb 9th, March 9th, and April 13th
In January, we sampled Southwestern Pizza with Black Beans and Corn.  The black beans may have deterred students as we had lower totals than usual.  However, out of the students that were willing to try the pizza, the results were positive.  At Woodland School, 80% of first grade students who tried the pizza said they liked it.  At Field School, about 70% of students in both grades gave the pizza a favorable review.  
The pizza will be featured as an option once per month in the future at Field School.



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