May 2016 (Scott Nemec & Bill O'Mara)

1976, the U.S. Bicentennial Year, was marked with numerous special events and celebrations.  It was also the year two bus drivers began their careers in Weston; it is our good fortune that they never left.   Recently at a staff recognition celebration, the district had the opportunity to honor and thank Scott Nemec and Bill O’Mara for 40 years of service to our students. 


Scott Nemec, has been driving the same routes (Route 1 elementary and Routes 15/16 for the high school) for nearly his entire career.  He fondly refers to his bus as the ‘smiley’ bus because of the ‘smiley’ face stickers that adorn the passenger area.  There’s a story behind this of course and Scott would be happy to share it with you.  Scott’s wife Joyce is also a driver for district but has ‘only’ been driving for 38 years.


Bill O’Mara has also been an employee for forty years as both a member of the grounds staff and bus driver.  He has transported students on the “M” bus to Boston for 30 of those 40 years.  When asked about that run, Bill smiles when he says the Pike segment of the run is the easiest part of the trip.


Forty years of being the first district staff member many of our students see on a school day, results in many stories.  Both of these drivers smiled when ask if they are now driving the children of students that they previously transported.  They are quick to share “storm” stories, “blizzard of …” stories, “kid” stories that make you laugh or bring a tear to your eye.  Scott and Bill both talk of the wonderful students and parents they have come to know and consider part of their extended family.  There’s still a sparkle in their eye when they talk about their work; we are fortunate to have such loyal and dedicated employees that play an important role of educating students.


Be sure to say hello if you see Bus 1 or M, and join us in saying Thank You guys for all you do.



John Brackett

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